Hospital Beds / Rails

 If you are interested in a Hospital Bed please Contact us, we periodically have hospital Beds in.

Semi-Electric Bed frame and Side Rails are $125.00 (Semi-electric beds have power operated head and knees and a manual crank to raise the entire height of bed.)

Full Electric Bed frame and Side Rails are $150.00 (Full electric beds have power operated head, knees and height of bed.)

Bariatric Bed frame, Call for Price and Availability

Most hospital bed frames are put together the same way.  Here is a video showing you just how.
All beds include the frame and 2 rails (left and right), We do not sell mattresses or linens.


We strongly suggest picking up your bed at our Concord NH location. We will gladly demonstrate how to set it up and then help you load it into your truck or van.


In the event the bed can not be picked up, it can be delivered and set-up for a fee. The availability to deliver items is based on REM's available resources and schedule.

The following fees apply to all bed deliveries, with no exceptions:

    1. $60.00 fee 0 to 10 mile trip from our office as determined by MapQuest or similar mapping program.
    2. $110.00 fee 10 miles to 50 miles from our office as determined by MapQuest or similar mapping program. 
    3. $110.00 plus $2.00 per mile above the 50 miles from our office as determined by MapQuest or similar mapping program.

      Set-up fee for all Semi and Full Electric Beds is $25.00.

Fee must be paid at time of sale and fee is NOT refundable unless delivery is cancelled 24 hours in advance. Any bed returned for any reason which was initially delivered, will incur additional charges if  pick up of the bed is also requested.



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