Leckey Prone Stander size 3

Leckey Prone Stander size 3

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Leckey Prone Stander size 3

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The Pronestander will support children with mild to more severe levels of physical involvement. The Pronestander Size 3 is appropriate for individuals approximately 55" - 73" (137.5-182.5 cm) or 12 years to adult. Supports up to 198 lbs. (90 kg).

The Pronestander provides just the right amount of support that each individual requires around the trunk, pelvis and lower extremities. Angle adjustment ranges from 0° to 40° were uniquely factored in to the standing frame to gradually increase weight bearing as his or her tolerance increases. Best of all, the chest plate, flexible lateral supports, knee plate and foot supports are also adjustable and capable of expanding for growth and changing physical/functional levels.

The Pronestander is easy and convenient to use with those requiring assistance for transfers. The hinged footplate allows for easy access from the wheelchair to the stander, even from the stander to a classroom chair. The padded pelvic plate and pelvic band help to promote mid-line symmetry (upright posture), too. The Leckey Pronestander also comes with four locking swivel castors to allow teachers, parents, and therapists to move an individual from place to place without ever compromising safety or positioning.

Standard features include: 
· Activity bowl with tray cover 
· Flexible lateral supports 
· Footplate with sandals 
· Pelvic band and pelvic plate 
· Four locking castors 
· Knee Supports

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