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Sales, Return, Delivery Policy

    1.      The REM has the ability to facilitate a sale through:

a.       Concord Showroom

b.      On-line Inventory

c.       Telephone


   2.      Every product sold is in good useable condition.


   3.      Each item we sell is inspected, repaired or refurbished, safety checked, and sanitized by trained technicians.


   4.     Our pricing structure is 50 -80% less and sometimes more then retail.


   5.      Customization of purchased items


a.       The parts and labor of any customization are covered by our 30-day warranty.


b.      Customization fees, including parts and labor, is separate from the purchase price and is non-refundable


c.       No customization will be performed on an item until full payment is received.



1.      Returns - Each item we sell carries a 7-day no hassle return policy. Items returned in the condition they were purchased, are eligible for refund of the item’s purchase price.


2.   Items on “Hold” – All of our equipment pieces are unique, individual items and they are available for sale from multiple outlets including online, over the telephone, and in our showroom.  For these reasons our policy is “first come first served”. We cannot “hold” or remove from our available inventory any item without a purchase. All items remain listed for sale until they are paid for. The item may be purchased and will include our 7 day return policy. This 7 day return policy allows the purchaser adequate time to think it over, arrange pick-up, try out, or discuss the purchase with their therapist; without worrying about any hassle returning it. 


3.  Warranty Policy


a.       Each item we sell carries a full 30-day warranty against mechanical defect or breakdown. If within the first 30 days of ownership the purchase fails to work properly, it may be brought back for repair, refund or an exchange. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear items or damage due to abuse, accident, or misuse.



1.       All items are expected to be picked up by the purchaser within seven days.


2.      Purchased items not picked up within a reasonable time (7 days, or beyond arrangements made at time of sale) will incur a $10.00 per week storage fee. The fee must be paid before the item is picked up.


3.      In the event an item can not be picked up, it can be delivered for a fee. Delivery is available on a set schedule, currently one day a week  A four hour time frame will be given. The availability to deliver items is based on our available resources and schedule.


4.      The following costs apply to all deliveries, with no exceptions:

    1. $50.00 fee 0 to 10 mile trip from our office as determined by MapQuest or similar mapping program.
    2. $100.00 fee 10 miles to 50 miles from our office as determined by MapQuest or similar mapping program. 
    3. $100.00 plus $2.00 per mile above the 50 miles from our office as determined by MapQuest or similar mapping program.


5.       Delivery fee must be paid in full at time of sale and before the scheduled delivery date.


6.      The delivery fee is NOT part of the sale price, and is not refundable unless delivery is cancelled 24 hours in advance.


 7.      Any item returned for any reason that was initially delivered, will incur additional charges if the item also needs to be picked up.







        Other then repairs made under the warranty, the REM does not offer service or repairs of any type.